My Year in Review

facebookyearinreviewMany of us formally or informally review the past year and try to set the reset button for the coming year.

If you’re on facebook, you may have posted FB’s version of your year in review. I didn’t post mine because the cover photo was a poster of “keep calm and love Canada” that I posted on July 1.

I looked back and saw it got 19 likes – I guess the timing was good. However, the post to the right got way more. It *was* a big deal in my life this year to be Celebration Planner at Kits house and i got lots of people–not just on facebook–telling me it was a good picture.  Other posts with lots of likes, shares or comments were posts of paintings I’d completed during the year or me at my art show at Leigh Square.  So I *am* a little curious about the algorithm used.

Facebook after hearing from people who had Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad  years have promised they “can do better”.

Yeah, if your six-year-old child died or your apartment burned down – you probably got a lot of likes and comments on those -but as one facebook user suggested words like “died” and “killed” and “burned” might be added to a more complex algorithm. Conversely “congratulations” and “looking good” might adjust the posts we’d like to see again.

Here’s a CBC story with some commentary and a number of examples of years in review that didn’t work well.

Especially annoying was the cutesy festive clip art surrounding photos of people, cats and dogs that died during the year.

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  1. You are a busy, creative organizer for sure! All the beast in 2015! Bill T.

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