Ella @the York – ta! da!

Took the family to see the East Van Panto. It was our first time. I had the concept at least.

We sat in the balcony and my grandson watched with interest as the signs came to pass.

The door is shut.

The worker has sat down.

Yes, the usher was sitting right at the end of our row.

The lights are dimming.

And a spotlight shines on Veda Hille, who will be our orchestra for the evening.

I yell out: Ta da!!!!

The grandkids turn to me in horror and embarrassment.

I look at my son and daughter-in-law and say, “I hope I’ve got the right entertainment genre here, or that could be embarrassing.”

Veda sings her introduction including the list of funders and sponsors. This is a very good idea.

Sure enough when the person from GOOP gives us our instructions I know, yes, I’m in the right place.

At the end, where we all agree a new tradition is born, I say: but next year let’s dress up.

Like what? they ask, looking around, seeing some people dressed up as in nice clothes, but no one in the audience in costume.

I liked the crow, I say. Maybe I’d dress up like a crow.

To granddaughter: would you be OK if I dressed up like a crow?

Her: it depends.

Come on Vancouver, we can do better at Panto-Audience.

It’s on till the 28th. Get tickets if you can, and if you dress up, let me know. I’d like some encouragement.

(and feel free to yell Ta da! when Veda gets lit up. She deserves it.)



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