Thinning out the art supplies

That would be as in “art” (quote-unquote) supplies.

The trouble with working in mixed media, is that almost *anything* could wind up n a collage.

“Is it fresh?” my creativity coach suggested I ask as I look around the overflowing studio.

The corrugated cardboard, the lace, the crayons,ink and miscellaneous paints I was given and either never used or don’t now… are they fresh?

A lot isn’t.  But I’m not so good at letting go.

This past January I made a new year’s resolution to get rid of all of the condiments in my fridge. Should they live that long without poisoning me, the threat was that if they were still in the fridge on December 31, 2014 – out they go!

I’m sufficiently on track that I frequently stir fry some veggies and think, ah, what can I put on as a sauce? hmmn. nothing in the fridge.

I’m allowed to (by my own rule) buy new condiments, just had to get rid of anything that was there as of January 1st.

I’m going to do it for 2015 with art supplies.  And I’m getting a head start already.

One of the more valuable things I have are many, many different kinds of gels. I’m eyeing them with a look that says: why are you there on the shelf instead of on a piece of art.

I think I’ll google Kroma crackle and get some ideas on what to do with that jar.  Can’t remember which crackle you can use on canvas, but if that’s the one, I have a place for it…



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