Mental Maps: Mixed Metaphors in Mixed-Media

I’ve been using maps in my mixed-media collages fora while, but I just completed two 12″x12″ pieces that feel like the start of something new.

Also I’ve been peering at the fine print on maps and finding notes that seem to be metaphorical advice on life.

This was found on a chart (procured from the Hornby Island Free store) and on Stuart Channel it says:

Flood tides are weak and variable but ebb tides may reach velocities shown.

I read it out to my art partner and asked her what she thought it could mean as metaphor.

Her response: Well, flood tides are high tides. So I take it as incoming wealth and abundance is “weak and variable” and then when the ebb/receding tide comes along it reaches top speed.

sigh. she added.

But it doesn’t have to mean that. What’s your interpretation?


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