Days 3-5: stay tuned for Mary’s personal best

Day 3 Saturday (6 plays for a total  of 13)

On my way to a personal best.

TES, didn’t see that coming; roller derby saved my soul

Jem rolls, verbal Diarrhea, Greenland


Day 4 Sunday 6 (fora total of 19)

The Hatter, Shakuhachi Quest, Clutter and Contamination, The Quitter, Magic Unicorn Island and Muse.

Yes, everything they say about Jayson McDonald (Underbelly and the Giant Invisible Robot) and Magic Unicorn Island is true. Not sure about whether that’s the best title, but a show this good doesn’t need a great title. Title makes sense after you see the show. but it is not, repeat not,a family friendly production.

Day 5 (Monday)– we head to the Havana for Best Picture (I’m a total Tara Travis fan).

And maybe catch one or two other East van shows.

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