Fringe Day 2: Mission Accomplished 4 Plays in a day

Yes! I did all of this:

5pm Emergency Monologues – amazing. if there weren’t so many shows I’d go back and hear a different selection of the 40 stories on the Wheel of Misfortune.  Fr. om sad to silly always with a measure of insight and compassion.

6:45 The Masks of Oscar Wilde – Loved it. There seemed to be a glitch with the light box. no light. other than that, this could actually be a “real” play – beyond the fringe.

8:30 The Unfortunate Ruth  I heart Tara Travis and she’s done it again. There were lots of us there and we loved her.

10:05 Puss: Reboot – I grabbed a quick IPA but passed on the Perfect Storm in time to catch this rather odd little mashup. it’s (partly) about a lost key and I kind of felt I’d lost the key as well.  Didn’t get it, I’m afraid.

in there somewhere I plan to check out the Revision recycled art exhibit at the Granville Island Hotel. Opening 7-9pm

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