Samhain Shrine

I’m part of a team making a Shrine for Samhain/Hallowe’en when the veil between living and dead is thin.

We want people to bring photos (actually photocopies of photos) of friends and family who have died that we’ll attach to a standing structure.

One person has offered to make block prints of bright stars on dark fabric.

As a big fan of the celebrations at Mountainview Cemetery, I’d like to help design the structure and how to invite creative participation.

I’m inspired by Marina Szijarto’s community shrine that I believe she paints every year so the names are layered year after year after year.

Pondering whether we could do photocopy transfer or it’s too complicated and time consuming.

Or perhaps copy the images onto transparency film and glue onto a backing.

I will test out some ideas and bring to share with others and see how we might combine all of the ideas – or at least most of them!

We have yet to decide on the exact location at the Unitarian Church at 49th and Oak – My personal preference is the outdoor memorial garden area, but I recognize the challenges of outdoor locations in wet Vancouver.

Some links for tips on photocopy images:

laser jet vs inkjet and Citra Solv as a tool

About shrines

Examples of shrines

pumpkins etc. on deck

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