Fringe Wed – add 2 more shows to my belt

Arnie the Carnie was ok, but not my thing really. Since he starts off saying he lies even as I got interested in the history of mind-reading and magic acts, I had to remind myself: He lies!

It was kind of fun really. But won’t be on my personal top picks list.

The Troll and 3 Lesbians Gruff (although there’s more than a dozen lesbians, usually sweet; on occasion gruff) was fun – and a very nice moral to the story as well. Well played under the Alder Bay Bridge, two boats, 4 horses. I’d got to touch the troll’s  cape earlier and loved the fairly simple but very effective costumes and props.

Sold out at the Puck and Pickle, so we went to the bar and drank beer and talked. That was good too.


One Comment to “Fringe Wed – add 2 more shows to my belt”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of theatre in one week! I’ve been enjoying your clear, concise reviews. We had a Fringe in charlottetown – of four shows. I regret I only got to one (and no beer.)

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