Fringe 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Great shows at Cultch and Granville Island too

Started the evening with 6 Guitars (which is actually one guitar and one guy) – which lived up to its rave reviews.

The Watering Hole by49th Parallel Dance was excellent, marred a bit by the fact I was sitting right in front of the photographer with a huge camera which clicked each time he took a shot. Which he did frequently – probably 100 during the show. (I did mention it at the end. He looked a little sheepish.)

Bursting Into Flames by Martin Dockery – my first Dockery show. I can see why people rave, although I have to say it wasn’t my favorite of its genre.

The Adversary I loved.  Made that much more meaningful because of Downtown Eastside resonance from when I worked there in my previous job.  Complexities.

Then as a bonus at the bus stop I met Arthur MacKinnon, who hopes to take his play on the Fringe circuit next year. I got a Jimmy Stewart impersonation for my final performance for the evening.

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