Fringe Kicks Ass – Here’s my list so far

Fringe2013-221x300I am volunteering as a Venue Captain (“VC” to you) again for the Fringe and my reward is a Kick-Ass Pass.  Last year I didn’t even know that when I signed up.  The volunteer shift schedule is pretty demanding (8 4-hour shifts) so I think it’s fair that VCs get to book in advance. Otherwise we’d sign up as front of house for 4 4-hour shifts and stand in line. Kick-Ass has a total bonus to be able to bring a friend as well! I’m very popular in some circles these days.

I’ve been poring over the huge schedule. I hope to again basically make Fringe my life for those 8 days and see as much as humanly possible.

Here are the Fringe plays I hope to get to:

Braced at the Firehall

Unexpected Guests at the Netloft

Searching for Dick – Havana

Claret and Amber – Cultch

Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter – Cultch

Kitt and Jane- Cultch

You Killed Hamlet


Promise and Promiscuity

Bad Connections?

In the Boudoir

The Troll and 3 Lesbians

The History of Canada

and with the grandkids – Johnny Tomorrow Chronicles or Unpossible – their choice.

If only it was possible to go to both on the same day!  Schedule overlaps by 15 minutes! drat!

Tip to Fringe programmers: There aren’t many family-friendly fringe events. Please program them soa grandma can take the grands to 2 on the same day.  Going to just one Fringe show just doesn’t share the experience of Fringy-ness.

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