Chocolate Mint – herb of this month

The chocolate mint is flourishing at the Mary-Go-Roundabout garden at 6th and Trafalgar. Go and pick a bit – just scratch and sniff while you’re walking or pick some to take home and make tea or add to an ice cream or sherbet dessert as garnish.

Learn about chocolate mint here.

Chocolate mint ice cream recipe here.

How to make a cup of chocolate mint tea – and more tips.

Other ideas:

Add a few leaves to your coffee grounds before brewing for a special chocolate peppermint coffee. Can be added to brownies, cakes, ice creams and more for an herbal treat

How can I use the chocolate mint herb in some recipes, or desserts?
Use chopped chocolate mint tossed with fresh sliced strawberries, raspberries or chopped pears; for herb tea; infused in milk for hot chocolate (strain milk before using); add about 1/4 cup chopped to your favourite brownie batter; infuse in hot cream for chocolate truffles (strain before using); with a bit of melted chocolate in crepe batter for strawberries or raspberries; in a chocolate fondue or sauce (strain before using).

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