Fringe 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23

Took the grandkids to Plasticity Now (#19) and didn’t blog because we had a sleepover at Grandma’s house and Grandma fell asleep about 5 minutes after the kids.  I liked Plasticity Now and I *really* liked finding out what you can do with 2 overhead projectors.  I gave one away years ago when I thought the whole world had switched to powerpoint. dang!

20 and 21 were Till Death Do Us Part and Zanna Don’t at CBC – and that was to have been the end of it. They were both so incredible, we just kept on going.

Headed to Edible Canada to try to catch the last Appy Hour and they were sold out. Never mind, we had the roasted squash risotto and beet salad.

Then off to Pirates? for 22 (the question mark is a key part of the title, I believe).

23 Where is my Flying Car? – even though it made us late for the awards night, we were glad we’d seen it.

and by hanging around long enough we actually got into awards night and then seats three rows from the front.

How was your Fringe?

I saw 6 of the 10 pick of the fringe shows.

Will I see the others? Will I go to the Suburban Motel hold over? Fischer and Grim at Cultch in January?

only time (and energy) will tell….

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