Fringe 16, 17 and 18: It would be hard to find 3 more different shows.

After my last venue captain role, I headed immediately to Edible Canada for the daily Fringe special of appy and drink for $10. Oh, yum. I’ve learned to love that place.

Then we went off to Welcome to My Wake. Haven’t had time to process so not sure what I think about it, other than it’s classic Fringe: a one-person show about important events in the performer’s life.  It’s easier to comment on minor technicalities than the overall impact – I agree with the reviewer that wasn’t really happy with the pauses where the performer had to adjust the music and do stage management that got in the way of the flow. Overall, she’s clearly very talented. I’ll stay tuned. Oh, and her parents were in the audience, which was an interesting sub-plot.

Then to Intrusion – which my companion and I liked a lot. It was just 30 minutes and started and ended on time. When I got the form saying it was a work-in-progress and they’d like our written comments, I went: oh oh. this is something that’s not done. But it’s sufficiently done – and done well – to enjoy. Recommended.

The shortness meant we easily also managed to throw in a third show: The Donnelly Side Show (which I at first thought was a Slide Show.

After that I didn’t even have the energy for the Fringe Bar. I’ll be asleep within minutes but met a friend tonight who’s been following my blog posts, so thought I could keep it up for another two days.

Oh, btw: Temple of Khaos is off the list for the grandkids and me. Not so much because of the sexual content (I figure it’s Grandma’s job to expose kids to things their parents might not) but because of the responses from people leaving the theatre.

Plasticity Now might be the only show for tomorrow.

More then.

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