I love my Kick-Ass pass – Fringe Play #16

Venue captain at Alder Bay Bridge again – our job went very smoothly in that they’re short plays with small audiences. Minor issue is that play #1 goes longer than expected and although play #2 is shorter than advertised, tonight it started before play #1 finished, which then meant play #2 was still going when play #3 started. Because I think it’s good for the extra ticket seller to see shows, in this case it was a mistake in that I became the usher for play #3, leaving ticket seller #1 (venue captain material, that one!) at the table guarding all the stuff.

Unless you’re going for the Kick-Ass pass next year this might not matter at all to you.

For my post-volunteer; post-snack; post-wine show I did Two Blondes With a Passion Do Death in Venice.

Turns out I was in the majority of those who had actually never read Death in Venice and it turns out I had absolutely no idea what it was about.  I also didn’t recognize the blondes as blondes, as they’ve greyed or darkened beyond blonde.

While nothing like what I was expecting, it was a pleasant way to end the evening. And the Fringe is all about surprises, right?

Here’s the Edmonton review in case you want a glimpse about the production to decide whether with 3 days left in the Fringe whether you’re going to add it to your dance card.

Friday – heading to 3 plays after an early vollie (that’s what they say for volunteer) shift that ends just after 7pm. See you at the Fringe bar?  or Welcome to my Wake, Intrusion and the Donnelly Side Show (this involves getting from one theatre across the street to the other in less than five minutes. Wish us well!

And so to bed, perchance to dream … in hip hop!


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