VanFringe #14 and #15 – but OK I met someone tonight who’s done 31 shows!

Last night: She Has a Name at the Firehall. 90 minutes of high drama, fabulous acting, important story executed extremely well. I can’t stop with the hyperbole. The leads – but really everyone – were top notch. I can’t say enough about it. Only warning: it’s pretty dark and hard.

Tonight, after venue captain at 3 outdoor shows, headed off for a lamb donair and amber beer to say Hip! Hop! Shakespeare.

This one is a generational thing, I think – although you have to be at least a little disposed to both Shakespeare and Hip hop. People my age came wondering how would the hip hop part and (some) of the younger people came liking hip hop and wondering how the Shakespeare part would work. Extremely well done – but me – I missed a lot of the hip-hop references. Got most of the Shakespeare parts though. Took the playlist home. Might wander around Youtube to figure out what I missed.

Four days left. Tomorrow I’m booked for Two Blondes, Friday I hope to fit 3 in after a quick stop at Edible Canada for Appy hour. Saturday two with the grandkids: Plasticity Now and Temple of Khaos – both have been cleared with the parents.  Sunday off to CBC to check out Till Death Do we Part and Zanna Don’t.

Two dozen shows – I wonder if I get a badge or something.


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