Fringe Show #13 – Not unlucky at all – Underbelly at Waterfront

Venue Captain at Firehalll tonight. missing a volunteer and an almost sold-out show for the first show. She Has a Name – people were wow’ed by it – I look forward to seeing it tomorrow after my shift at the Firehall. This is 2 for 2 being short a volunteer at the Firehall and all but one it was their first time as a volunteer.  Challenging.

Second show – bad for the performers – but good for the venue captain – only had about 20 or so in the audience.

Talking in code on the radio phones is not my favorite part of this job, but I’m getting better at it.

Anyhow, since I’d seen Riverview High and Suburban Motel down Hastings at the Waldorf was sold out (I think it’s sold out for the rest of the Fringe actually), I headed to Granville Island. Got a ticket for Underbelly at the Waterfront. Got a beer and a lamb donair and watched some great improv to old movies on a screen. Checked into the Volunteer Centre (Vollie Centre to us vollies!) – no doughnuts and the coffee was 30 minutes away.

The folks at the Info Centre in answer to what they’d heard or seen of Underbelly was most people raved about it and one didn’t.  After seeing it, I can see why. It takes a fair bit of concentration. And even though I was front and centre, it was a little late in the day to really concentrate. The guy’s so talented and the words (polysyllabic many) roll off his tongue and I love how he plays with the words.

I’d say – go and love it – and don’t bother to concentrate hard enough to catch every little thing.

It’s the kind of piece I’d love to be able to read the text of afterwards. There were some great lines.


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