Fringe 9, 10, 11, 12 – rained out or I might have done more

No volunteer shift today so it was planned as a big Fringe day. Started out at the Cultch for Dream Warrior – amazing costumes – but expected a lot of the audience (how many people are conversant with Derrida, Karaoke, Sci-fi and Casablanca?)

Took ages to get by bus to Granville Island – partly because I was standing at Howe Street when my cell told me no buses would arrive till 4am!  and then back to Granville, when although the cell phone *said* buses were coming, they clearly weren’t.

So missed Recess – about the teacher we don’t want to be or have – I’ve met the actor in the lineups, she seems very sincere and is indeed a teacher.

Went to Hard Times which was good, although I like my fringe a little fringier.

Loon was of course amazing and sold out and instantaneous standing ovation.

In spite of the rain we did one of the site-specific pieces under the Alder Bay Bridge – ReLapse. Partly because I’m the venue captain at that site on Wed & Thurs and wanted to see where the sites were and what the issues were.

These two women have got to get the trooper award – they were totally game to go ahead “rain or shine”. We all got given blankets that we wrapped around ourselves rather than used to sit on (the normal dry-weather use), but they were exposed to the elements. At the end I said: If I’d known what the piece involved for you, I never would have spoke in favour of going on with the show!

I’ve done my Fringe blitz. From here on in, it’s probably one show a day.

I told someone I had a fringe hangover – they said: Oh, from the fringe bar?

me: No! From too much theatre! I couldn’t get to sleep last night with all these characters fighting for space in my mind.

But most of us know that hangovers are often worth the price.


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