Fringe 5, 6, 7, 8 – What I did on Day 3 of the Fringe

Whew. Exhausted. A four-hour shift as venue captain at Revue Stage. 3 different venues on the first three days with largely brand new volunteers for a brand-new volunteer (me) is a bit much. If you’ve never volunteered at the Fringe and decide to – pick your first 3 shifts (at least) at the same venue doing the same role. And maybe avoid opening weekend – things settle down by Monday.

Anyhow I’m totally using my Kick-Ass pass. Attended four – count ’em – shows between 4:30 and 11:30pm tonight.

Burned at the Steak – brilliant!

Fishbowl – ditto

Felony – wow! (but regularly sells out – only 14 allowed on the trip around the island starting at Big Yellow Crane)

Slut (r)evolution – also brilliant

All very different, so I can’t compare, but I’d recommend them all. I’d have to know more about you, dear reader, if you wanted me to pick only one for you to attend. Carmyn (the slut mentioned above) encouraged us all to spread the word of mouth, so although I’m tired, I decided I’d blog, tweet, facebook before falling asleep.

Do the Fringe. It’s amazing!

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