Chosen to be a Captain

Last year I really enjoyed my frequent fringer pass. So I bought one again.
and then got inspired to volunteer. I kept seeing all these notices from the Vancouver Fringe: We need 750 volunteers. We have 500. We have 550. We have 600. So, I thought: I could make that 601! and so I did.
I’m going to take a week off from work as a staycation, so I thought I could just fringe away.
Going Sat 10-4pm for training as a Venue Captain. 10-12 for newbies like me, then afternoon we get to meet our mentors who have volunteered in this role before.

I can’t believe how naive I remain. I go: really?? me??? you’d let me be a Captain??? in my very first year.
I’ll try my best. I hope I don’t let you down….

I guess this is what comes from only being chosen to be on teams when my best friend, Suzanne Sadler was team captain and needed help with her math and spelling homework – I knew where my talents were!

I’ll let you know which venue I’ll be at – maybe you’ll drop by. I hope I get a cape and an ID badge. I’m pretty excited.

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