Morning Glory is up

Mary’s favorite invasive species: morning glory (bindweed).

I collected some along the lanes of Kitsilano last week to take to an Eco-Arts Salon where we were designing bee lanterns. Now I see it everywhere.

I’m a gardener so I don’t always love it when it invades, but as an art medium for crocheting and sculpture, it’s lovely. (Just make sure to put any leftovr parts into the city yard bin, not your regular compost or garden – or you’ll have more growing.)

Here’s a rather charming, positive view of morning glory from My Skinny Garden.

I wish I was more like the bindweed.  A fierce competitor refusing to go down without a fight.  It is efficient and beautiful, growing fast and effortlessly. No matter the conditions, it gets by.  Without fail, its delicate white flower opens every morning, its vines crawl along the the garden not caring what goes on around it.  And when I have ferociously yanked every visible piece of it out, it does not get discouraged because its very deep roots give it the foundation to persevere.  It simply does what it does, keeping with the rhythm of life, maintaining its focus, growing.

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