Mixed-media demo

Last night I was the presenter at the Burnaby Artists’ Guild at the Shadbolt Centre.

I’ve often enjoyed doing demonstrations as part of a workshop – whether focused on the actual art or more often on a team building and personal exploration theme using collage art as the medium for exploration and expression.

But a two-hour demonstration?

It was a wonderful group and they were interested in my art and so asked questions.

I think I actually shared everything I know about mixed-media work though, so I’ll never be asked to come back I’d ask a member of the group to be with me up front moderating – i.e. asking me questions or commenting. 

One of the challenges of demonstrating mixed-media is that part of it for me is about “hunting and gathering” – so I took a pile of collage materials but had in fact decided in advance which pieces I’d be using.

There was a big “cooking show” mirror in the room which felt odd at first but quickly got used to.  (never bumped my head on it once!)


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