Surrendering to the Fringe

I bought a Frequent Fringer pass (10 shows) here’s my list so far.

1The Sucker Punch

2Grim and Fischer

3 This is Cancer

4 The Selkie Wife partly because of the lovely grove location on Granville Island).

and 5 the “other” one at the grove – so we can line up once and catch two. I hope.

6 Jigsaw

A Mirror Up to Nature
7 A Mirror Up to Nature
A 60-minute edutainment including walks through Elizabethan London, a public hanging, smells of the day, Hamlet, Macbeth, and more! Held at Revue Stage. Search for A Mirror Up to Nature and all Fringe show here for details, show times, and to buy tickets.

8 Red – since meeting Cornelia Hoogland (poet: Woods Wolf Girl) I’m continuing my interest in little red riding hood with this pick.

Still room for 2 more on my frequent fringer pass – recommendations and reviews welcome.

If you’re going to something (and I already know you!) let me know if you’d like company.

Site-specific write up:

Also check out Art Is Land – environmental artists offer walks and free look-sees at art installations all over the island.


One Comment to “Surrendering to the Fringe”

  1. I did Jigsaw and Red today. Happy with both.
    Jigsaw’s 2 actors – young women with lots of talent and a clever script.
    Red – where one man turns from being Red riding hood to the wolf – often on instructions from the audience who get to ring bells is very good. Smooth performance. High energy physical theatre. Background audio and computer projection worked well – with a fair bit of humour. Revue stage.

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