The Year of the Rabbit is coming

It’s Christmas and I’m pondering the new year – the Chinese New Year, that is.

Rabbits have such potential- although a dog myself, and proud of it, I’m thinking of making a rabbit lantern and/or a rabbit mask. Turns out I wouldn’t be the first. I especially admire San Souci studios by Carrie Rouillard where the artist shows a detailed 21 -hour construction of a rabbit mask sculpture – and also her 5-year old’s rendition. Both wonderful, in my estimation.  Here she shares her creative process.

Then I discovered rabbit lanterns are a “thing” and indeed there’s a building created for the Macau pavilion. See it here.

More snippets (I have things to cook and wrap and clean, but I’m enjoying this adventure)…

Taiwan is celebrating a 100th year anniversary and plans to break the Guinness book of world records:

As part of Taiwan centennial celebrations, a total of 100 rabbit and 47,759 lanterns are to be seen at the 2011 Miaoli Lantern Festival to break the Guinness World Record.

For those of a literary more than visual persuasion, here’s a link to read about the oldest lantern poem.

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