Funism and Stuckism

I recently heard the term “Stuckism” at a C.G. Jung Society lecture and finally got around to googling. Thereby encountering another new word: Funism.

I like the definition:

Funism and Stuckism both promote enjoyable and accessible art firmly rooted in our own times, believing that art should be as much fun to look at as it is to think about, and intellectually engaging and challenging without being elitist.

A little shocked to do a second google search and see this item appear on Page 2.

Anyhow, here’s an excerpt from


Net Art – early 1990s-Present
Massurrealism – early 1990s-Present
Artefactoria – 1990/91-Present
Toyism – 1992-Present
Lowbrow – ca. 1994-Present
New Leipzig School – mid-1990s-Present
Tiki Art – 1996-Present
Bitterism – 1998-Present
Stuckism – 1999-Present


Thinkism – September 12, 2001-Present
Funism – ca. 2002-Present
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