I did it. I’m a Wrimo Winner

Well, it’s so drafty that I caught a cold while working on it, but I submitted over 50,000 words and got my “goodies”.

I wrote a “memoir” – that could become a novel, perhaps, some day. Anyhow after being a one-day novelist (as in, one day I’ll write a novel) from as early as Grade 7 when my friend Suzanne and I decided we’d write a Nancy Drew together, through ideas about mystery novels – usually in a series – I admire Sue Grafton making her way through the alphabet!

So this is the most # of words and time committed to creative writing, and it was, as expected, somewhat therapeutic to deconstruct my “dream job that turned into a nightmare” and try to figure out what “waking up” meant!



One Comment to “I did it. I’m a Wrimo Winner”

  1. What are you doing to celebrate!!! I commend your tenacity – you have inspired me – not to write but to stay on my diet – “I Think I can I Think I can” – please don’t let this be the end game with your magnum opus – keep on

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