Christmas it’s ok

It’s OK to wish me MerryChristmas, and contrary to what I’ve heard people haven’t gotten thrown in jail for wishing other people Merry Christmas.

But maybe they have – I’d like to know more about the details if this is true.

Chrisitianity is still the dominent religion in Canada. I was told a while ago that Paganism was the fastest growing, but I think that’s from teeny tiny to itsy bitsy. Easier to double your numbers if you’re small, right?

Most of the Christians I know I meet at liberal religious conferences and interfaith activities. They seem not at all bent-out-of shape at being asked to consider the idea that not all people you meet on the street are Christians and might prefer a different greeting.

As a Unitarian, we rewrite the words of some of the songs – not a practice I particularl7 approve of – but that’s how we adjust.

Adjust we must.

Basically I don’t mind being wished Merry Christmas either as a pleasantry (I understand that when people say: How are you? they don’t really expect me to get into it at any length. I don’t mind too, if they recognize that they’re saying their word for “Happy Holidays” and I might say my own” Gud Yule” or “Sunny Solstice”. Is that offensive? Shouldn’t be it seems to me – we’re doing the good work of reaching across possible dividers of religious practice – using our own language but wishing each other well.

Peace and goodwill to all


One Comment to “Christmas it’s ok”

  1. Dear Mary,
    This political correctness (or whatever they want to call it) about how to greet someone in the Holiday Season started getting on my nerves the moment it took form and popularity. I think people are way to sensitive about some things and turn them into issues rather then leaving things alone and go about their lives.
    I’m not a Christian but I’ll be damned if someone comes up to me and tells me that I can not wish people a Merry Christmas or a Happy Easter.So what if not everyone is a christian? On these holidays everyone gets off from work ,gets some gifts or get some bonuses so in a way it is Christmas for everyone even if not from a religious point of view.
    And like you say Canada is predominantly a country with a christian population and if it’s tradition to greet people this way why should it be changed.
    I am a Muslim woman a many times people wish me Marry Christmas and I smile back and wish them the same and we all go home happy.
    It’s high time people stop being so constipated about such things and just enjoy whatever holiday happens to hit the calendar.But I guess that is to much to ask.

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