Geography of the Mind

I have 6 paintings up at the Vancouver Unitarian church this month. I was inspired by Sandy McMullen’s Inner Landscape paintings, and these began with my ponderings on various psychological type functions. But I’ve begun to think to get paintings truly representational of the various types, you’d have to have people of that type paint them. Mine all look like they were painted by someone like me :>)

Between the Worlds – (acrylic; 8″ x 8″) /Blue Skies Above (acrylic; 16″ x 16″) / Downhill to Completion (acrylic; 8″ x 8″)

From A to Zed (acrylic; 16″ x 16″) / Live Long and Prosper (acrylic; 8″ x 8″) / Well of Consciousness (acrylic; 8″ x 8″)

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