Blogging for Climate Change – Oct 15

Here’s my post for climate change blog day:

Make Friends with Insects

Treat the insects well
Teach them to sing and dance
Help them to organize themselves –
if you think they can learn something from such as you.

Facilitate diversity – introduce wasps to beetles
And red wriggler worms to grubs

Share your gifts with the insects
whether you studied law, architecture or literature
Let them see your finest work.

If you have good manners,
show the insects how to build a civilization.

You know what they say about treating people well
as you climb the ladder
Because you’ll meet them on the way down?

It could be that the
meek and mild,
tiny and terrible
Persistent and plentiful
will inherit this earth

We must pass along the best of what we know
to the next generation

October 15, 2009

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