Cross Art Form Collaborations

After an hour of googling, I have found the term for what I was looking for: cross art form collaborations.

Several friends of mine who work in various art forms (poetry, fiction, visual art, music) meet once a month for an Art Sharing time. We take 3 hours, start with a check-in and then share works in progress. Simple as that. There are potentially 15 of us, but usually about 5 arrive and we finish comfortably within the 3 hours, even with a break in the middle.

We’re considering collaborations among 2 or 3 or more of us and I wondered what other artists had learned about how to do this.

Here’s one link I found:

From all I found, digital media seems to be a key piece in these collaborations, but I could be wrong. Anyone know references on “how to collaborate cross art forms”?

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