What Would Sarah Palin Say?

I actually googled the other day “god sarah palin quotation” because I wanted to be sure I had the verb correct. But she really did say that when god opens a door, she “ploughs through.” Not walk, not step, certainly not saunter. Plough. agricultural imagery.
So I find myself rather fascinated with what will Sarah say next? I find myself in conversations, for instance about photographs taken and conjecture about the possibility of life on planets outside of our solar system. Also an SFU professor has conjectured that autism and schizophrenia are opposite poles and could be treated by encouraging behaviour closer to the other pole – sociabiity for autism and lack of sociability for schizophrenia. What would Sarah say about that?
And is the “hair down” the new look? And why am I (and seemingly others) so interested?

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