Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me…

I’m leading a workshop this weekend using the Myers-Briggs Step II – so thought I’d re-do the questionnaire. The last time I did it, it was called the “EAR” (Expanded Analysis Report) and although much has stayed the same, several facets (or sub-scales as I knew them then) have been renamed and I wanted to have a profile in exactly the same format as the participants.
I always score fairly close on the Extroversion-Introversion polarity. I’m an extrovert who likes my privacy and time to ponder. A friend of mine (an introvert) was not surprised to learn that most of my friends are Introverts. He says: “I think you like being the Extrovert.” It’s true, I can easily be out-extroverted. And get a glimpse of how tiring it must be to be around me! As my mother would have said: I can’t hear myself think!!!
So I did the questionnaire at the end of an overfull day (actually week, or was that month?) and my need for quiet clearly was on my mind, as i actually managed to come out as an “I”.
What do my good friends say? You’re NOT an Introvert, Mary.
OK, so using the additional information that allows me to see that I’m a reflective, relatively quiet Extrovert. Since the definition of reflective includes a preference for reading and writing rather than speaking and listening, it certainly fits for me. This facet (or subscale) used to be called Auditory-Visual, in fact. I just managed to get my recent art on display and wrote the Artist’s statement and all that goes with it.

There’s no question about confusion on my Sensing-Intuitive scale, however. All 5 facets point clearly to the “N” side of the equation. It seems in my life I hang around mostly with other “N”s and this actually helps me “get” how stressful I find it to be the one who’s paying attention to the details.
The model says we don’t change; but we may “come out” differently at different times. I feel that can be helpful for us to relect on what was going on that made that shift.
Just google for MBTI Step II and you’ll find lots more information if you want it.

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