Beauty and Integrity – a nice ring to it, but…

I went to an all candidates debate on Arts & Culture last night and learned that Green supporters were having trouble finding “Arts and Culture” on the Greens platform. It’s there! I learned that it’s under BEAUTY & INTEGRITY.  Adriane Carr, candidate for Vancouver Centre (a hotly contested riding) said, leader Elizabeth May evidently said something like “Beauty should be there.”  I’m with you, Elizabeth – AND… if we’re comparing Arts & Culture platforms, one shouldn’t need to be too creative in order to find your stance.

I’m among the hordes that haven’t decided 100% how to vote on October 14, but I’ll be at the polling station for sure.  Following the polls and considering strategic voting.

I’m wearing a T-shirt produced by the Arts and Culture Alliance of Vancouver proclaiming: VOTE: PUT YOUR heART into it.  Great quote by Gabrielle Roy: Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?

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