The Week: Made by (Hu)Mans

Days of the Week - mixed media collages in process

Days of the Week - mixed media collages in process



My current art project is a mixed media series on the days of the week – putting together ideas and images of the gods and goddesses and planets that correlate to the days of the week.

I’ve been incubating this for a long time. I collected driftwood several years ago while camping on Hornby, but as happened once they got back to Vancouver didn’t seem to work. (These ones are on normal rectangular wood.)  I’d been reading a book on Alchemy and found there were metals associated with the days of the week as well, so wondered the beaches thinking about the day, the planet, the god, the metal and picking up driftwood that caught my eye. (That’s the kind of thing I do on Hornby. It’s considered normal.)

Among the books I read was one that pointed out that the week, unlike days, months and years, is not based on any celestial event – it’s man made. And not all cultures have had 7-day weeks. It’s all about the marketplace.


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  1. Hi Mary
    I could take pictures of the art and you could put on the blog if you wanted to.

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