Hornby Island Days 4 & 5

Went on the Home & Garden tour today. Highlight was learning about the “straw bale” composting toilets, etc  at the “Depot”.  Vermicomposting and evaporating-gardening (there’s some other word , but I forgot it.)  The straw for the straw bale building didn’t materialized, so they used crushed cans for the first 6 feet or so then chiquita banana boxes filled with newspapers for the rest.  Only place I know where a washroom is a tourist attraction.  (oh, and I “bought” a few more items from the Free Store while in the neighbourhood.)

Last night to Arbutus Arts to see Stevi’s opening of “Shirtworks” – shirts from El Dumpo on canvas and painted. Quite incredible. Hate to steal her idea, so I’m trying to think of what other clothing item I might use for my own series – baby clothes? overalls? socks? all sound good to me. However, admittedly on Hornby Island some ideas don’t actually sound quite as intriguing when I return home.

It rained last night and off and on most of today. Camping is less fun in the rain.

I’d put the fly up the night before. My friend Linda oft says: best time to fix the roof is when it’s not raining. Best time to put the tent fly up is *just before* it starts to rain. Because if it *doesn’t* rain, one has the “skylight” effect – very nice.

OK, so off to see the new Indiana Jones movie at the Hall.

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