Hornby Island Day Three

Can you say “free”?

At the free store I heard a man say what I had said when I first came here: Is it *really* free?

I remember noticing the Cashier and going, oh, right, *some* stuff is free and other stuff you pay for. Nope. Its all free. Money passes hands if you’re leaving Absolute Garbage. You pay to leave stuff but never to take stuff.

There was a Haute Hornby fashion show (the 4th annual) at the Hall so I felt in need of new duds to wear. I got a great Liz Claiborne mauve cardigan, but realized it was way too tame for what was being shown at Haute Hornby. Think art-rageous. In fact, it’s performance art, not a fashion show, really. Local luminaries like Paul who just retired from the co-op, both current doctors and the last doctor, too;  and the postmaster, etc. were the models. Much was made of the fact there were 7 men modeling this year.

With altered books on my mind it was a little odd to pick up a Holy Bible (the kind with onionskin papers and a leather cover) to find the Lovers card from the Tarot deck inside.

I had just finished my first Steve Berry book and found another one there.

And got a very nice knife and spoon, having forgotten mine somehow.

All in all, a good day at the freestore.

Tonight I go to the art opening of Stevi who has shirts glued on canvas and then painted. I got a sneak preview and loved it.

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