Hornby Island Day Two

So you’ve never sung O Canada led by a marimba band on the beach?

Or had the tug-o-war turned into a tug-for-fun when the 30 and up women were pitted against each other: visitors vs Hornby and they formed a circle, chanting “no more war”?

But that was yesterday.

Today – off to the farmers & artisans’ market – in a new shady and more spacious spot. Made sure all the regulars were there plying their wares and offering to cusomize anything your heart desires. You have beach glass from Nova Scotia to incorporate into a stained glass window? no problem! You like the bracelet but it’s too large? no problem!

But some artists have moved off Hornby – to Victoria and another has her house up for sale – “ready to return to the city” she says.

The show at the community hall has prices from $500 to several thousand, but most have the price crossed out with the phrase “talk to the artist” added at the bottom.

Now, back to musing and pondering.

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