Hornby Island Day One

Ah, I arrived yesterday and feel I’ve been here much longer. I have come earlier than usual and there are some things that are different. I saw blooming cactus on my first Helliwell walk. Given the heads up by someone who’s been coming here to their parents’ place for 30 years. And then a jogger told me about the young eagle sitting very close to the trail about a kilometre ahead.  I think there may be fewer tourists than the August long weekend where the Island quintuples its normal population of a thousand.

Locals are ready to receive guests – after chatting for a while I bought 2 books in the book store – but not so bombarded and frazzled they have no time.

I’m sitting on the red cedar benches at the computer centre. Two years ago these were new and bright yellow and had a strong, pleasant smell. 

Today is Canada Day and I’ll be heading for the 9pm singing of O Canada and fireworks @ 11pm.

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